Seaquence: Make Your Own Music

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2012 by

Seaquence is one of the most interesting musical games we’ve found for a while: It lets you experiment with musical composition by creating and combining musical lifeforms in a music-filled, biological ecosystem. 

Making music that comes alive with Seaquence…

Seaquence is something between a biology experiment and a music making game. It takes you into a mini world (or ecosystem) that appears to be the inside of a petri dish, where little organisms wriggle around, making different sounds that combine to create interesting musical compositions.

You can choose from a variety of organisms – each one makes a different sound – and control the pitch and amount of noise they make. The more you add in to your musical petri dish, the more layered and complex your tune will be.

Above is a demo of how Seaquence works; and this is a seaquence I made earlier – it’s called ‘Happy Marching Band’. You’ll have to let me know whether my combination of musical organisms actually sounds like one!

Click here to play around with Seaquence. Don’t forget, you can share your results too!

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