Awesome People Hanging Out Together

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Our blog of the week, ‘Awesome People Hanging Out Together’ is a brilliant little Tumblr blog that does one thing, and one thing very, very well: Bringing you awesome pictures of really famous people, hanging out together!

A few of our fave pics of awesome, famous people hanging out together:

There’s something about famous people that just makes us want to see them being normal, like us.

That’s what this blog is all about – showing us impossibly famous people (some of which are awesome of course) hanging out with other impossibly famous people, doing normal stuff, just like we do!

Or not…

There’s a nice mixture of posts for the modern kids…

… and ones for those who probably don’t know who the 2 guys hanging out together above are! 

 There’s pictures of awesome people hanging out together who you never realized were buddies:

And pictures of those who were known for being buddies!

In fact, there pretty much a picture for anyone, as long as they’re awesome and famous (and hanging out together…)

So without further ado…

Click here to go to the official Tumblr of Awesome People Hanging Out Together!


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