Telly (formerly Twitvid): Discover Videos You’re Guaranteed To Love

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

TELLY: TwitVid, once known as the go-to destination for uploading videos to share on Twitter, has rebranded itself as Telly, and now has much bigger ambitions: Telly aims to help you discover, collect and share video content that interests you.


Why Twitvid it when you can Telly it?

Whereas Twitvid was all about taking videos you liked and helping you tweet them, Telly does a whole lot more. It provides a platform to discover, collect and share videos posted by both your friends, and brands, music artists or other influencers that interest you, in your own personal ‘Telly’ video library.

But I just use Youtube to discover videos!

You may not have any trouble discovering videos on YouTube, but Telly goes far beyond that, including videos from YouTube, Hulu, CNN, and ESPN, not to mention Twitvid’s own 10-million strong library and others. I tried it out for one of my major passions, Manchester United (the British soccer club if you didn’t know already!), and received a wide variety of videos, which I then posted to my new Telly collection. And you can see below that my personal feed is as eye catching as the video discovery and saving process was easy and user friendly!

Bottom Line:

If you’re wanting to try a new way of discovering videos and sharing them with your friends, Twitvid’s rebranded product Telly is an interesting, forward thinking choice. With a huge library of videos ready to be collected, you’ll definitely never be bored on Telly! Check it out here.

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