Zokos: Dinner Parties Are Always Better When Crowdfunded!

Posted on Monday, June 18th, 2012 by

If you want to host better parties, you should probably get your friends to chip in. That just got much easier with Zokos…

Great party idea + friends sharing the costs = better party

Crowdfunding is the idea of collecting a small amount of money off a large group of people, to generate a large amount, which funds something awesome. It’s a big trend online currently – we’ve seen it with Kickstarter, which helps companies raise funds from lots of normal people for cool projects. Zokos takes that idea and puts it into parties!

If you’ve ever hosted a party, you know it’s not fun being the person begging for money when everyone is having a good time. So the inevitable happens, you usually end up falling short. Not to mention, its hard to anticipate how many people will actually attend. For this reason alone, I personally hate hosting parties, and end up just going out instead. But what if everyone chipped in virtually before the party started?  At Zokos everyone does just that, chips in beforehand. So by using crowdfunding, the people who love hosting can throw nicer parties—and do it more often. Going in is the new going out.

How does Zokos work?

First things first, you have to virtually create your event through Facebook. You then invite guests via Gmail and Facebook on a first-come, first-serve basis. But instead of a normal invitation, your friends will recieve a set chip-in value per guest. Leave it at 0 if you want a potluck or don’t want guests to chip-in. But beware, chip-in values are not editable after published to keep it fair.

If you reach your ‘chip-in” goal by your RSVP date the party is on! Your PayPal account will be credited. But, no one is charged until the goal is reached, so if there isn’t as much interest as you wanted, you’re not on the hook to throw the party. Never again worry about falling short.

All My Faves Bottom Line:

Zokos.com is a great site for good food and good company. Going in is the new going out. We can all save money and have more fun by just chipping in.

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