Plug.DJ: A style online dancefloor to party all day long

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

Are you one of those people who cross off the days in the calendar waiting for the weekend? Do you have anxiety attacks just thinking of the next time you’ll have a beer with your friends? Is your ringtone one of David Guetta’s latest hits? Is your screensaver a picture of Lady Gaga? If you answered “yes” to at least one of this questions it means you’re probably a victim of what I like to call ‘end-of-weekend-blues’ (it being Monday at the time of writing…). But don’t worry, All My Faves has the cure and it’s only a couple of clicks away: it’s called Plug DJ and it’s the hottest party spot on the web, a nonstop dance party that lasts… all day long!

Do I need to dress up…? is a real-time social media experience combining music and video discovery in a fun and interactive online environment, complete with dancing avatars to match people’s personalities”. Remember “Second Life”, the cybernetic world you could join with your alter ego to meet new people? This website offers a similar concept, except that instead of a chat room, you join a dance floor… and instead of talking… you dance! Create an account (you can do it through Twitter or Facebook, so it’s incredibly simple), choose an avatar… and join the party! There’s a dance-floor for every mood and taste. You can either enjoy the music or create your playlist and be the DJ! The more you play, the more points you make to improve your account.

This web app works a great platform to create parties with your friends around the world, to discover and share music and videos, and to communicate with international party-goers using real-time chat translation. On top of this, works with up-and-coming artist to premier their new videos and mixes to fans and get instant feedback – just in case you were thinking of a new career path! So get your ears and hands ready… and let’s party all day long!

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