Video Chats Like Skype, Google Hangout, But Private, Quick & No Download

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by is the latest in a lengthening line of social networking startups made for enterprise: a free online video conferencing suite that’s completely private and requires no download to use. You start up an online meeting with one click on the ‘get started’ button on, and then just share that link with whoever you want to have a web chat with.

We think it could be useful for anyone wanting to set up a scheduled online┬ámeeting , but who has a huge number of Skype contacts that would probably attempt to start a conversation as soon as you log in, distracting you from the meeting you actually want to have. By using instead, you’re able to video chat to exactly who you want to, without any unwanted conversation intruders. And that’s basis underlying the other added value services you can get from the site: all the goodies you’d expect, from file sharing, note taking, instant chatting and screen sharing (this option’s coming soon according to the site).

Sound useful? We think it’s got a lot of potential – it’s already more interesting than Google Hangout for a start, which requires you to be signed up to something to basically do the same thing ( is a no sign up, no download service). So click here to try it out, and have a private video chat instantly.

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