Brandon Generator: Microsoft’s Attempt at Motion Comics Online Reviewed

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

We’re totally into the idea of taking comics online here at All My Faves, as you may have seen in our very positive review of Julian Hanshaw’s The Art of Pho – a weekly fave a few weeks ago. We love how artists are migrating online to create motion comics: a fusion between comic book graphics, intense sound, motion picture and interactivity, and Brandon Generator – Microsoft’s attempt to enter the online motion comics genre with the help of Sean of the Dead director Edgar Wright, illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards and kooky British comedian/narrator Julian Barratt – is definitely something worth checking out.

A masterclass in generating user interaction with an online comic

While the story itself drags a little at first – it’s about a guy called Brandon Generator suffering from chronic writer’s block who awakes one day to find a load of typed-up stories, drawings of mysterious creatures and voicemails on his desk – it’s art is in slowly building you into the premise that YOU are part of the story… YOU are enlisted to leave Brandon voicemail messages (using Skype or his UK phone number), YOU are asked to draw him mysterious creatures and type him prose to fill his stories. It’s this sort of interactivity built into the online comic that we really dig, especially when you can share the creativity of other fans of the comic by listening to their voicemails, reading their stories and viewing their drawings (as you can see from our attempts!) So click here or on the screenshots to have a go!

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