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Clothia is a destination for all things fashion providing users with tools to customize their own virtual collection of clothes, mix and match outfits, and even virtually try them on.

It’s the million dollar question, WHAT DO I WEAR?

Well if you’ve ever wondered what’s the perfect outfit for any occasion, Clothia is here to guide you! Clothia is a fashionista’s dream serving as an online destination where you can mix and match outfits, share looks you love, even try on clothes virtually via your webcam using augmented reality technology. Each user Builds-A-Closet to create a virtual closet of items they own and trends they covet, then mix and match to see the endless number of outfits they can create.

Virtual Fitting Room – An Awesome Augmented Reality Experience

Create an outfit. Start a new trend. Inspire others with your design flair when you match up items from your closet, Clothia and from anywhere online. By integrating social networks right into the website it’s easy to discover new looks—and show off your fashion know-how—by connecting and sharing with like-minded fashionistas. Even though you might like a specific clothing item that is found online, you don’t know how it looks on you. That’s where the Virtual Fitting Room comes into play, allowing users to find out if a new trend works for them. Just hold it up to the “mirror” and try this augmented reality experience. All in all, Clothia’s goal is to provide you with best fashion picks and looks while also providing an idea of how an item looks on you in the Virtual Fitting Room.

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