GetGoing: Discover and Book your next Getaway – for Less!

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GetGoing is making booking leisure travel easier and more affordable for you. Pick two destinations you’d like to visit and GetGoing will find the most attractive deals for both so you can choose.

Are you a Flexible Traveler?

If you are, GetGoing is the online booking portal for you. The site developed an interesting concept of “Pick Two, Get One” platform that proves that you are traveling for leisure, not business, and in exchange the airlines reward you with a much greater discount. GetGoing is working with major airlines to revolutionize the travel industry and create a win/win scenario that finally puts the best interest of the flexible traveler (more affordable travel) in line with the best interest of the airlines (the ability to better segment customers, target them with the deals the flexible traveler needs in order to book, and fill more seats).

Will you pack A Swimsuit  or A Raincoat?

Well, its up to you because you are the one who decides on the destinations. You state your preferred traveling experience and GetGoing searches thousands of destinations – taking into account season, length of trip and the number of people traveling to discover the best options  for you. So if you want to explore classic Europe, and it can be either Rome or Berlin, you select flights based on departure and arrival times, number of stops, and price for each trip and GetGoing books you the one with a better deal and charges you only for it. You find out where you’re going and get your tickets right away! Book your travel with GetGoing to get awesome deals and discounts, so you can fly more for less.

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