moolta: A New Platform that will Dare You for a Good Cause

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

moolta is a platform for creating and taking on challenges on video for prizes, cash or donations to charity. Support charities by completing sponsored and user-generated video challenges.

Take On a Challenge for Charity!

moolta is a web and mobile platform for creating, funding and taking on video challenges, it can be either for personal gain or for the greater good. You can challenge anyone of your Facebook friends, when creating a challenge you decide if it’ll be public, for the world to see, or private and visible only for specific friends. On a private challenge page, you can click on the eye icon (top left corner) to see who’s in on it. If your challenge was declared a win, and there are no complaints from the friends who funded it, after 3 days moolta will send you an e-mail with all the details you need to get your cash via PayPal.

A Win-Win Site!

Everyone benefits from moolta, whether it’s a bored person who wishes to make easy money, a bored person that is willing to spend some money to see his friend do silly things, a person who is willing to do ridiculous things to support a charity, or an advertiser that benefits from a gamified, branded challenges arena where users create content, participate in contests and interact with the brand. To make sure the donations really do goes to charity mootla partnered up with, one of the world’s largest and most reliable tools for donating to nonprofits. So check out this hilarious new platform and who knows, maybe try a dare or two? It’s for a good cause!

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