Instinct: Learn How to Play Guitar Online

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by provides virtual guitar music lessons that listens through your microphone to provide immediate feedback. Now anyone can learn how to play the guitar and become a rock star!

Step by Step Virtual Tutorials

If learning how to play a musical instrument is part of your new year resolutions for 2013 this is the site for you. Instinct is a brilliant new website that teaches you how to play guitar in a beautifully designed interface where you are guided in a very friendly and layman oriented way through the mysterious world of the guitar. Instinct founders created this site because they believe that playing music is one of the most natural things a human being can do and they thought that they can make a platform where playing music will be natural as singing it. With this technology, even you can become a musician.

Anyone can Play the Guitar!

First of all a disclosure: I already know how to play the guitar. Still, it took me 5 minutes to learn how to play ‘Amazing Grace’ which is well, amazing! Instinct shows you where to put our hands, make the notes visual, divides hard songs into easy chunks so you can practice, and most importantly; it listens to you play and gives instant feedback on each note, all you need is a computer with a microphone. The lessons are short and fun, using real songs and if you don’t own a guitar you can have sessions using a virtual guitar. So tune your old dusty guitar (they have an app for it as well…) and start learning how to play your guitar!


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