RebelMouse: A Publication Platform & Social Platform in One!

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

Rebel Mouse is a platform that allows businesses and individuals to advertise and publicize in a social way!

Make a Personal Webpage in 30 seconds!

Updating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is easy, but when it comes to personal blogs and websites, people tend to forget about them and keeping them up just becomes difficult. Huffington Post CTO Paul Berry decided to fix this problem by making personal webpages as easy as clicking and connecting.

Connect with your existing social networks:

Create your own webpage by signing up with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, G+, and much more. RebelMouse puts all of these sources together on a pintrest-like board and allows you to chose what posts you would like to appear on your personal webpage. After highlighting your favorite posts, you can rearrange them, comment on them, share them, and enjoy them!

Advertise with ease! App coming soon!

RebelMouse is especially useful for photographers, graphic designers, or anyone who wants to market themselves and their products in a visual way. Berry has stated that he wants the website to go mobile: that an app will be made that allows users to make their own personalized apps to further advertise themselves.  This will allow the public to follow products and people on a more social level. The account itself is free, but if business and individuals want their own domain or to personalize their web page further, a premium account is offered for $9.99/month.


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