Dragontape – Video Playlist Redux

Posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010 by

Dragontape – When it comes to video playlists, YouTube has always been my first choice. But that’s until they’ve decided to change their user interface yet again (about a month ago), and then all hell broke loose. Sure, it looks nice, but I still haven’t figured out how to set a continuous play mode for my playlist -they had it before but decided to take it out this time around- and this is not what I’d expect of YouTube.

Luckily there’s Dragontape, a swanky new video playlist maker/player on the scene, offering great service plus added stuff YouTube is currently lacking. Simply type in your artist name, song or other keyword into the site’s search box, find the video you’d like to add to the list and drag it to the desired location along the playlist row (see screen shot). Needless to say, everything here is dragabble, you can re-order the videos on the playlist, drag the entire playlist back and forth to rewind or forward the videos and loads more.

Dragontape has superseded YouTube in my video playlist book, and from this day forward, this is the service I’ll be using to enjoy online music videos. Highly recommended.

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