Climate Culture – Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

Posted on Monday, August 30th, 2010 by

Climate Culture – Everybody’s talking about the pressing need to change the way we live today to help the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. That’s obvious. But now for the first time we have an actual fun tool that will help us “make smarter choices that reduce your impact on climate change and save some cash.” That’s right. Climate Culture offers an amazing, creative and bottom line saver you should start making use of a.s.a.p.

To make our footprint’s impact more comprehensible and proportioned, Climate Culture assigns you an island that reflects your current effect on the environment; you’ll see there coal and gas power plants, transit forms, work area, etc. As you continue to commit to reducing your impact via Reduction Center (see screen shot below), you will earn more points, save cash and see your island -your life- become greener and more sustainable. Climate Culture offers an innovative, fun and most importantly, effective community tool to help each and every one of us improve both our life and the environment. Kudos, Climate Culture!

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