Rately- Get your Online Shopping Advice from your Friends!

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Rately – Online shopping. In so many ways the best thing to ever happen to average Joe Couch Potato. No longer did he have to waste valuable energy browsing around endless endless shops with a friend in the nearest mall looking for that perfect pair of trainers. Now he could simply switch on his laptop, get onto Amazon and buy those same trainers without ever leaving his easychair. There is however one downside to all this convenience: it’s quite lonely! And what happens when you can’t decide whether you want your Ugg Boots in camel, beige or wood brown? Your friends aren’t standing next to you in the shop, helping you make these important decisions.

Rately appears to have solved this nagging issue. It allows you (when you install a freeĀ  addon a bit like the AllMyFaves Bookmarklet Tool to your web browser, and then click on it) to save an item you like, compare it against similar items, and then send this comparison to your friends on Facebook or Twitter. They can then compare pictures of those items side by side… and ‘rate up’ their favorite. And then know exactly what you should be spending your money on online!

Rately makes it much easier to get your friends' advice on online purchases!

It actually adds a really enjoyable, personal touch to online shopping that isn’t really available anywhere else. Of course you can just send a friend on Facebook a picture of something you’re thinking of buying to ask their opinion, but the process of doing that is long winded, and nowhere near as streamlined and fun as what Rately is offering. So click here and have some fun shopping almost with your friends!

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