Travelear: Listen To The World

Posted on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 by

Travelear helps you explore the world via 3D audio.

Hear The World In 3D

I once met a traveler who claimed that audio recordings are more closely linked to memory than photographs. Rather than taking pictures while traveling around, he opted to use his phone’s built-in audio recorder to record sounds. Although everyone’s preferences are different and memories likely work differently, it was an interesting approach. Travelear works around a similar concept, offering users bits of 3D sound that help transport them to places around the world. The goal, according to the company’s website, is to “immerse yourself” in different locations until you “feel as if you are really there.” It’s certainly more effective, for me at least, than looking at an image.

Indulge A Different Sense

There are all sorts of sounds on Travelear, from “Winter Forest” of Indian Lake, NY, USA to a “Tube Ride” in London, England, UK. You can listen to the French Quarter Jazz Festival of New Orleans, LA or hone in on Elephant Seal Beach of San Simeon, CA. The sounds are browsable via a list view or a map view, if you want to explore a particular region of the world. You can also search for sounds and save the ones that you like to your library. There’s not much use for the app aside from simply exploring interesting and unique sound recordings, but that’s enough. Travelear offers an unusual insight into the world around us, and lets us explore using a different sense than we’re accustomed to using. For that, it’s worth downloading and trying out.

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