Aggregift: Group Gifting Simplified

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 by

Aggregift allows you to use Facebook friends to crowd-fund birthday gifts through Amazon for a mutual friend. It’s a group gifting service that helps you celebrate special occasions.

Group Gifting made Easy as Pie!

How many times do we see our friends’ birthdays just go by with simple, boring, and repetitive wall posts? Wouldn’t it be great if friends could come together on social networks to come up with the perfect gift for a friend? Well, have no fear, aggregift is here!  Choose a friend and a gift they’ll love from hand-picked recommendations or millions of other great products on Amazon. When Friends pitch in together, you can give truly special gifts. It’s easy to spread the love with Aggregift as you can easily share the gift on Facebook and Twitter so friends can pitch in and celebrate over the course of the special occasion. Friends can contribute as much as they’d like.

But why use Aggregift in the first Place?

Aggregift helps you share the gift across Facebook and Twitter, prompting others to contribute as well. All the contributions are aggregated and deliver an electronic gift card to the recipient so they can order their gift exactly how they want it. Simply select a friend, choose a gift, and input an initial contribution. Doing something nice for your close friend’s special occasion is more difficult than it needs to be. It’s not easy to give a great gift without spending a lot of time or money. This service provides a way for friends like you to give a meaningful gift, as well as celebrate with a group of friends no matter where they are.

The Bottom Line

Aggregift provides a great service for those looking for easy, fast, and a social way of delivering gifts to those important to them. The service allows the user to sit back and let aggregift do the work. Now although this service makes gift delivery simple and fast, there are a few drawbacks. At the moment, Aggregift only uses the American Amazon website, limiting the products as well as the delivery capacity only to the US. Also, the gifting period only lasts 72 hours to contributors leaving a relatively small period of time to raise funds. Give it a try next time there is a friend’s birthday coming up, it is bound to make your lives way easier.

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