WeTransfer – A free platform for large digital files transferring

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 by

Sending big files to your friends is no longer an issue! WeTransfer comes up with the perfect solution; easy, friendly and most importantly – free large digital files transferring platform.

 The size of the files hardly matters any more…

WeTransfer provides an easy to use platform for ‘heavy’ files transferring, Whether its photos, videos, music, presentations, documents or any other form of files you can think of that is up to 2GB. You upload the files, write down your email and the email you want to address the files to and your done. Its a free service, WeTransfer makes their money from big clients such as firms and companies to whom they provide personal designable platforms. Its a great tool for us webbies, a sure one to go on my All My Faves Homepage.

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