Flapcast: A Great Way to Discover, Share & Stream Podcasts Online

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Flapcast is a fast and simple way to listen to, share, organize and broadcast podcasts direct from your browser… Read on to see how it works!

Flapcast: An Easy Way To Stream & Play Podcasts Online

Flapcast – The most famous video distribution platform on the web – yes, of course I’m talking about YouTube – invites its users to broadcast themselves. As a result, it allows to billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. But being the star of an embarrassing video likely to be watched by millions of users takes a lot of courage – and a complete lack of shame. Some people prefer to share their thoughts and talents through a different artistic discipline… using the power of voice. That’s right, podcasts are a great way to share your thoughts, and with Flapcast it’s extremely easy to stream, play and share your podcasts online.

If your music lives in the Cloud, why don’t your podcasts?

There’s no doubt that iTunes is the dominant force in the Podcast world. If you listen to them, they’re probably podcasts you found in the iTunes store (and you probably just listen to them on your iPod / other portable music device). But that takes up space on your device, and there’s also so much noise in the iTunes store that it’s highly unlikely your podcast will get noticed. Flapcast is a great way to solve both problems: You can get your voice heard above the noise, and you can discover and save podcasts you like in the online Cloud (and stream them online too).

How to use Flapcast:

Log in (you don’t even need another social network account, just mail and password), go to “manage subscriptions” and start the list: You can search for podcasts by clicking on the ‘Find new podcasts’ button. Trace the things that suit your taste is easy since you can search by name, episodes or popularity, which guarantees you’ll find the podcast that fits you.  Also, you can import your own podcast collection by clicking on the ‘Import podcasts’ button, either if it’s one you loved and didn’t find on the site or one you produced!

What are you waiting for? Put some syrup on top of your podcasts!


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