Twimbow: A Rainbow Colored Twitter Client for iPhone or Online

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One for all the Twitterati out there: This is our review of latest Weekly Fave, Twimbow – a rainbow colored Twitter client and social media hub that makes tweeting a lot more fun (and colorful!)

Why Tweeting through a rainbow on Twimbo will get you hooked:

Twimbo – Like it or not, Twitter has become an essential part of our online being, a finger print of our existence on the web that each day becomes harder to avoid. I know it sounds scary but don’t panic, whether you’re an experienced Twitterati, amateur Twitter ‘lurker’ (a reader, not a tweeter), or just completely out of the Twitterverse: Twimbow is here to get anyone hooked on tweeting, with an extravagant flash of rainbow color!

For a social network of millions of 140 character status updates, Twitter isn’t a simple beast to understand.You have the 140 character tweets themselves, the @ ‘mentions’ to make and reply to, the direct messages to send and read through, the ‘retweets’ to post… and as if all of this was not enough, your feed is full of tweets from friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances and – of course – “the unknowns”, and the #’trends’ are constantly changing too. So in other words, Twitter is overcrowded and overcomplicated for the average user. And that’s why you need to start using Twimbow…

How to make Twimbow the solution to your overcrowded Twitter:

The simple answer to that is, well, yes! Once you invest a bit of time learning to configure your account, you’ll realize that colors are a brilliant way to sort Twitter’s information overload into bites of the things that really interest you. (Click on the “read and share news” icon to learn all the secrets of the site). If you find a tweet that don’t want to forget about, just save it in the Monitor. Watch the worldwide trending topics combined with graphics to understand which one is the most important. And my favorite feature: use the excellent search engine to find and share songs and lyrics with all your contacts.

Click here to try the Twimbow rainbow Twitter client and galvanize your Twitter.

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