The Good Man: An Experimental CSS3 Animation Project

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 by

The Good Man is  a visual transcription of a narrative, transformed into HTML elements and animated with CSS3, using only web fonts and shapes.

The Wonders of Technology!

Created by Pedro Ivo Hudson as a graduation project in graphic design, The Good Man strives to be a visual transcription of a narrative, it was made with HTML elements and animated with CSS3. It’s creation was done using only web fonts (served by Google Web Fonts) and shapes so that it’s as scalable as possible. The project is meant as a study in animation code quirks and behaviors and Pedro’s interpenetration surly showcases the HTML5 and the CSS3’s animation’s abilities.

Watch out for this Prodigy…

The Good Man is Pedro Ivo Hudson’s debut, if this is what he can accomplish as a student think of the great things we can expect in the future from this prodigy… This project was conceived without images, just web fonts and shapes, it’s intended to run smoothly in modern web browsers and to be as scalable as possible. Transformed into HTML elements and animated in CSS3, this project aims its efforts to build an animation, in a web browser. It’s a short project that really leaves you with a taste for more, check it out and keep an eye on this wonder kid!




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