King’s Game 2: Defend your Kingdom from the Evil Warlocks!

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 by

The king is at war with a mystical new foe. Aim and launch a variety of cannonballs to defeat the enemies in each structure to progress.

Like Father Like Son!

King’s Game 2 is the sequel of the awesome King’s Game. Much like it’s predecessor, you use your mouse to choose your cannonball kind, aim your cannon and control the shot’s power. This great and simple shooting game is so good mainly because of it’s great achievement system; in order to upgrade your arsenal you will not only have to annihilate your enemy but do it with as little attempts possible to win ‘crowns’ which unlocks the upgrade, with as many treasure chests hits  for money to buy them, all while you try not to hit the royal hostages

Get the Warlocks Pawns!

You don’t aim for the warlocks you fight, you need to kill their soldiers before they get yours. The more subjects that survive your enemies attack the higher your bonus is. In addition you have mini achievements to accomplish, like saving as many hostages as possible or gaining all the gold on the screen. The game itself is a standard shooting game, you shoot to destroy. You defeated rival kings in the first King’s Game, now you are called to the flag again! Don’t let the people down!

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