instaGrok: A Simple Way to Research, Learn & Share Information.

Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2013 by

instaGrok offers a new way to learn. Users explore graphical concept maps, called Groks, that show how ideas connect.

A new Dimension to Learning!

instaGrok is a great example of all the ways the internet can help us expand our horizons. Unlike other educational sites instaGrok introduces a new Dimension to learning, giving you all the info the web holds on your selected subject, but then indulges you with info about related topics via Groks, allowing you to learn or teach more about the ‘big picture’.  Their mission is to help everyone discover the joy of learning, they do it by building innovative technology that enables engaging, safe and personalized learning.

Create a Grok and spread knowledge!

instaGrok is just awesome: It finds educational content on any topic and retrieves the content in multiple formats (webpages, images, videos, and forums) all in a very user friendly, though not sexy format. This product plans to make money by luring teachers into using it in their classroom for a monthly fee. Any user can create a Grok and search results will be displayed according to difficulty (school, high school and college). instaGrok makes it incredibly simple to research, learn, and share information. Create a free account and start using it now.




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