Swizzle – Organize My Inbox: Unsubscribe to Spam Email, Still Get Deals

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

If you love getting deals from your favorite brands in your email inbox, but don’t like filling up your email with junk and bulk mail, Swizzle is a brilliantly innovative web app you’re going to love…

Clean out your inbox, get your offers on Swizzle!

Swizzle – We’re really intrigued by what new web app Swizzle offers: It’s an easy way to transfer out of your inbox and into a personal, external hub on Swizzle, all those brand emails you signed up for hoping to get hot deals, giveaways and special offers, but which ended up cluttering your inbox into an unmanageable mess!

So that means you can keep your email inbox for emails with people you actually know, and use a Swizzle profile to follow and stay up to date with your favorite brands, their giveaways, latest deals, news and special offers. You can actually browse through their collections of brands, and see all their emails as they would appear in your inbox, but on Swizzle. It’s brilliant!

Swizzle accesses my email… how safe is that?!

We are 100% on your team when it comes to safety and privacy at All My Faves, so you can be confident that any website we direct you to is as safe to use as we are. Having tried out Swizzle myself, I found their FAQ page to be a useful answer to my initial questions about letting another website access my email inbox.

AllMyFaves Bottom Line:

Swizzle first offers a useful way to unsubscribe to all the junk and bulk email cluttering your inbox. It then then allows you to follow emails the same brands you just unsubscribed to on a Swizzle account, to receive all of their deals, coupons, and giveaways in one place. The process is simple, fun and safe. Highly recommended!

AllMyFaves.com is simply the easiest way to access your email and favorite websites. Use it and share it with your friends 🙂

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