Glyde – Used Games, Cheap Second Hand iPhones Marketplace

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

Glyde is a useful website for anyone looking to sell their old, second hand electronic gadgets and games, or to grab a cheap deal and buy used games, iPhones, iPads and iPods!

Grab yourself a deal on Glyde…

Glyde is a second hand online marketplace for the most popular consumer electronics products – from used games to a second hand iPhone.

It’s a great way to both save and make money at the same time – apparently you can save up to 90% on retail prices, a statistic which makes Glyde definitely worth a look!

How safe is buying electronics on Glyde?

Like eBay, Glyde is a safe place to buy and sell second hand electronics in a community of consumers. There are no hidden fees and credit card security protection. You get an email upon delivery from Glyde, who track your item in the post; and they only release the money if you’re happy with your purchase – there’s a 48 hour returns policy, and a reliable sellers program too.

Click here to visit Glyde, learn more, and maybe grab a great deal!

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