GoFundMe – The Easier Way To Do Some Fundraising

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

Raising money online just got a whole lot easier thanks to GoFundMe. This useful fundraising website can make your optimistic fundraising goals a reality!

How does GoFundMe work?

First, you create a GoFundMe profile page that describes what cause you’re fundraising for and the amount you hope to reach. Then you can invite friends to see your page through Facebook, email and Twitter. After you invite your friends, you instantly receive all the given donations and can track the results. GoFundMe also has a page for certified charities, where anyone can donate or register a new charity. It’s fundraising made easy peasy!

Is this great fundraising service offered for free?

Unfortunately the service is not fully free, GoFundMe does take a small transaction fee of 5% on all donations. However, it is free to sign up and the transaction fees are taken instantly from the donations.

AllMyFaves Bottom Line

Fundraising can be a difficult and frustrating process, so make it easier on yourself and use GoFundMe and go online next time you want to raise money.



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