Makers Market – Geeks Are Creative, Too

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 by

Makers Market – For those of you who already know Etsy and like the concept of directly buying art and accessories from the artist who made them, you should also add Makers Market to your list of artisan shopping. Makers Market is “a curated market place of wonderful science, tech and artistic creations created and sold directly by some of our favorite Makers from around the World. – From the creators of Make and Boing Boing.”

There are thousands of products here for sale, listed under categories such as tech, science, arts & crafts, home + life (my favorite), wearables, music, even services. Makers Market is a remarkable venue for all those geeky artists to show off their talent and sell their amazing creations. Great initiative, superb execution and gorgeous products make this site a personal favorite.

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