Dear Blank, Please Blank – Short Frustration Venting Wrapped Up in Laughs

Posted on Monday, September 27th, 2010 by

Dear Blank, Please Blank – This long name is the shortest way I can think of to explain what this exquisite site is about. Regularly updated short feed-like messages of anonymous users make up Dear Blank, Please Blank, and this is a must RSS website.

Browse the various categories of anonymous witty, funny and often compelling messages users have submitted, addressed to their in-laws, ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, sisters, brothers, colleagues, you name it. Thanks to Hans Johnson and Jared Wunsch from Seattle, Dear Blank Please Blank is here for us to enjoy and explore. Tip: I suggest that you start with the How Dare They category. That is where I found the message below:

To submit your own Dear Blank Please Blank message, click on the Submit icon on the upper right corner.

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