Decide – Make Your Next Electronics Buy a Smarter One

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 by

Decide – Don’t you just hate it when you buy say, a digital camera you have been craving for a while, and a week later you find out the price dropped by $50? is here to help you make smarter purchases of electronics by letting you know if now’s a good time to buy that laptop, camera, game console or any other gadget you’re after. uses sophisticated prediction algorithms that make rational forecasts of price drops and new model releases to help you make smarter purchases that actually save you money. also comes in a mobile version (not an app per se) so you can make better choices while in the electronics store.  Here’s a glimpse of what looks like when searching for a Samsung digital camera (which I’ve been dying to get):

I’d better check out the new model first before making the purchase. How else would have I known about this? Thanks, Decide!

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