Yummly – The Smart and Time-Saving Way to Find Online Recipes

Posted on Monday, July 4th, 2011 by

Yummly – When it comes to getting credible, right-on recipes, I usually go to Epicurious.com and the Food Network’s website. I am aware of the existence of many other sites that can be just as insightful and useful, but going to more than two sites for recipes seems like too much work. Thanks to Yummly, I only need to visit one site to get all the results for my requested recipe.

The screenshot above shows my search for a grilled salmon recipe, which resulted with numerous entries in various cooking sites, including my personal favorite epicurious.com. What I love about Yummly is that the site not only scans the web for relevant results, but also lets you refine your search by additional parameters such as taste preferences, allergies, diets, courses, cuisines, sources, holidays and related recipes, among others. All of the shown results are user-rated of course, so you don’t have to start guessing if this truly is a good recipe or not. This is a genuine cooking & recipes facilitator you should try out.

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