10 Places the Selfie Stick has been Banned

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no-selfie-sticksThere are many places around the world that have banned the use of Selfie Sticks. Are you surprised? Check them out here.

No Selfie Sticks Allowed

Banned? Yes, the Selfie Stick phenomenon that only recently became a hit, is banned from theme parks, historical landmarks, and music festivals. Why ban them you ask? Picture riding a roller coaster at Disney World. Before you get to that last drop, someone at the front whips out a Selfie Stick. This, of course, caused a halt on the ride and the passengers panic because the ride has stopped. I guess people haven’t been taking the “keep your head, hands, arms, legs, and feet inside the ride at all times” saying too seriously. Now they’ll have to add, “keep your head, hands, arms, legs, feet, and selfie sticks inside the ride at all times,”. In the end, they won’t have to add that because Selfie Sticks are now banned from specific amusement parks along with other places around the world. Here are 10 places where people are no longer allowed to use selfie sticks:

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The Colosseum in Rome


The main reason for this location having them banned is to preserve the architecture. They are worried that Selfie Stick users will not be careful and destroy the old remains.

The National Gallery, London


Art critics called taking photos with the Selfie Stick absurd and obnoxious.

The Palace of Versailles, Paris


It is mainly a security reason for the ban and to preserve the art without damaging it with a Selfie Stick.

19 Smithsonian Museums and Galleries


“This is a preventive measure to protect visitors and objects, especially during crowded conditions. We encourage museum visitors to take selfies and share their experiences – and leave the selfie sticks in their bags.” This statement was released by the Smithsonian Institution back in March.

Every Soccer Stadium in Brazil


Here, the ban is a little different than the museums above. Selfie Sticks are not allowed at these stadiums because they can turn into weapons during fights between rival fans, according to police.

2015 Ultra Music Festival, Miami, Florida

by @Philippe Wuyts Photography

UMF tweeted before the festival, “‘Selfie Sticks’ or other poles are not allowed at #Ultra2015. They will be turned away and we’ll probably make fun of you.”

Lollapalooza Music Festival

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Under the prohibited items in its FAQ section, Lollapalooza stated that “GoPro attachments like sticks, selfie sticks and monopods” are banned.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


“From now on, you will be asked quietly to put it away,” said Sree Sreenivasan, the chief digital officer at the Met. “It’s one thing to take a picture at arm’s length, but when it is three times arm’s length, you are invading someone else’s personal space.”

O2 Academy Brixton and O2 Arena, England


“Selfie Sticks are not permitted at Academy Music Group venues. This is in keeping with our existing policy that prohibits the filming and photography during a performance with iPads and other tablet devices and includes any such obstructions for the satisfaction of other customers.” This was said by the Academy Music Group in the UK.

All Disney Parks


“We strive to provide a great experience for the entire family, and unfortunately selfie-sticks have become a growing safety concern for both our guests and cast,” a Disney spokeswoman stated.

If you own a Selfie Stick, please be careful with them. Don’t try and poke someones eye out as you use it in the middle of a party or do something ridiculous like this guy. Other places that have banned Selfie Sticks are the Kentucky Derby, Coachella, every music stadium venue in Australia, most museums in Australia, The Art Institute of Chicago, and more.

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