Wrapp: Gift Cards Get The Facebook Treatment

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 by

Ever wondered what to get your friends for their birthday? Well never fear, for it’s now easier (and cheaper) than ever to send a gift card to one of them… as long as they’re your friend on Facebook that is!

It’s gift cards, but it’s social… and free!

The big idea behind Wrapp is that giving a present in this online age should be – in CEO Hjalmar Winbladh’s words – “as easy as writing on someone’s Facebook wall“. And having tried out Wrapp, and sending a free gift card of $5 at the Angry Birds store to one of my buddies, I can confirm that Wrapp may be succeeding in its goal. It was easy, quick to send, and, well, it didn’t cost me a cent!

Gift cards are between $5 and $10, and are all free to give (unless you want to add more money to it and not be cheap). But how can a gift card be free? Where does the money come from? Well its CEO states that that  “every voucher redeemed through Wrapp has been profitable for the retailer and for us. Despite the free voucher, Wrapp customers in-store spend the same average amount as they usually do.”

There’s an iPhone app to download too, which makes the social gifting process even easier. So try it out by clicking here. Oh, and send all your $5 Angry Birds gift cards this way… I love that stuff!

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