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Posted on Monday, August 27th, 2012 by

If you are interested in an article but have no time to read it, send its link to SoundGecko, and in minutes you will receive an audio MP3 of the article. Now you can listen to it while driving to work!

The problem:

In today’s fast world of video-clips, it is rare to find a person who actually reads all the articles he wants to. Most people use a reader of some sort that keeps getting stacked with loads of unread articles they never find time to read. What’s even worst is the fact that even the ones you do read are mostly only ‘scanned’ by your eyes, going from one bolded paragraph to the other without really reading the content. Nobody seems to have enough leisure time these days, if only there was some way to have leisure time for your mind while your body does not need it… say, on the subway, or in your car on your way to work…

SoundGecko’s answer:

What SoundGecko does is not innovative technologically but conceptually. The text to speech technology has been used in many ways and the sales rates of audio books is sky rocketing. The idea of SoundGecko is why pay good $ for Audio books when the web is full of articles that interest us and we never get to read? This dead waiting time in your car or anywhere else can be used to catch up on your article reading. So SoundGecko used that text to speech technology and there you have it, the perfect solution for what used to be dead time.

A bit cold but does the job!

The voice is still like all text to speech, which means cold and distance… but we will not get petty about it, it’s still much better than the alternative – getting bored! SoundGecko has an iPhone app (and they promise that versions for Android and Windows Phone are coming soon…), you can connect your Google Drive or Dropbox, has a chrome extention and generally going in the right direction toward becoming a really big thing. So check it out and start cleaning out your reader!

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