Pulse: Redefining the Way we Read the News

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 by

Who needs one newspaper any more? Pulse is at the forefront of a new breed of news aggregators that brings you all your favorite magazines, editorials and news sources, all in one place.

Your own personalized news magazine

The main idea behind Pulse is to bring your news consumption into line with the way you use the Internet. There’s so much great content out there to read (this wonderful online magazine included of course) 😉 And so you need something that puts it all in one place. Very much in the same way All My Faves Mobile puts your favorite websites into one easy to access place, Pulse does the same. And it does it really well!

Read the same feeds online, on your tablet, on your smartphone

The biggest and most significant update on Pulse is that you can now sync your profile across all platforms, which means you can read the same content whereever you are. It’s a bit overwhelming to look at at first in its new online version, while the mobile version perhaps also struggles to fit everything into the small space it has. Equally though, Pulse does succeed at bringing all that content into one place, and making it convenient to read everything on the go.

My favorite aspect is just how easy it is to share an article you’ve enjoyed on Pulse across Facebook or Twitter. Everything is very slick and seamless, and Pulse 100% warrants your attention as the Google Reader of the 2010s!

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