Weekly App: CardMunch – Mobile Rolodex Made Simple

Posted on Monday, July 25th, 2011 by

CardMunch – Networking is an absolute must these days, but it comes with an inevitable nuisance: storing all those business cards we are constantly accumulating can be a hassle, not to mention the time wasted when searching for a specific contact from the stack. CardMunch is a time and tree-saving app that makes business card management a breeze. Using your mobile phone’s camera, CardMunch -powered by LinkedIn- takes a snapshot of the business card, and automatically extracts and stores the person’s contact info right into your mobile device. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

In addition to its business card storage functionality, CardMunch automatically saves the business card image, and offers instant invite to that CEO or important gatekeeper you just met and exchanged cards with to maximize the networking opportunity. And if you’re worried about accidentally deleting an important contact, don’t worry. CardMunch backs up all the contacts you’ve added with the app on your Web account. Simply log in and recover all of your contacts.

Card Munch is currently available for the iPhone for free, and will be offered to Blackberry users soon.

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