Business Man’s Best Friend: Getting Organized at Work

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2011 by

In today’s high-speed, multitasking life the Web is becoming an ever-present part of our life, a fact which entails benefits but also downsides. One of the most obvious examples of the latter is the wealth of information generated from different resources. The chaotic nature of dispersed resources can lead to confusion and disorientation rather than productivity. Business professionals, already having their hands (and minds) full with to-do’s, deadlines and company budgets, could use a single, easy to use venue where they can find all of the information they require or are interested in.

At All My Faves, we have seen this challenge as a personal calling, which is precisely why we created the multi-tab Business page -our solution to the daunting information-is-everywhere plight. This special business page offers a much saner and more practical tool to businessmen and women both at the office and on the go. As you can see below, this page is perfect for tablets and touch devices.

The all-new business page is packed with the Web’s best sites in a number of topics under the big Business umbrella. Each tab offers numerous online sources -all free- for you to take advantage of. You will find all the top online resources of business and finance news, blogs, investment info and tools, marketing (strategy, advertising, and tips on both), TV & video, and top resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In addition, we’ve dedicated an entire tab to freelancers, providing job listing sites, advice and tips on growing your business and more. My personal favorite tabs are mobile apps, and the crucial coffee break.

If you are involved in the world of business, investment or marketing, the Business MiniFaves page will make your life easier. Much easier. Try it out for yourself if you don’t believe me. And if you would like to have your very own multi-tab page like this one where you can add all your Web favorites, sign up – it’s free!

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