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Wattpad is a magical community for discovering and sharing stories on the web. It’s a new form of collaborative entertainment that connects readers and writers through storytelling and creative fiction.

Wattpad: What’s its ‘Never Ending Story’?

Wattpad is a magical place for both readers and writers. On this platform you can browse through millions of stories published by people just like you who decided they want to write. Unlike any other eBook you might read elsewhere, these stories have not been altered by any editor or publisher, you can read books while they are written in real time, write comments on each chapter and share your insights about the story with the writer.

What’s in it for the writer?

Wattpad is the ideal platform for people who always dreamed of writing but never dared to or had enough motivation, to give it a shot and see what happens. Unlike publishers who demand complete books and even then the chances that anyone would see your book are very low, anyone can publish a book, or even only a chapter, on Wattpad! Anything goes and you will get responses from readers that will motivate you, inspire you and help you understand the readers expectations of the story.

Bottom Line on Wattpad: Make your writing dream a reality!

Though no money is given to the writers on Wattpad, the exposure that you get is priceless. I am sure that no publisher can ignore that your Wattpad book had 60,000 views and more than 1,000 comments… If you are a striving writer or an enthusiastic reader, check out Wattpad and discover a whole new written world.

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