GuySpeak: Girls, Learn How To Get A Man!

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by

Does he like me? Does he want a relationship? Does he love me? Girls, learn what it means when a guy says anything from “goodnight” to “I love you”, with real answers from real guys on GuySpeak…

GuySpeak: Does he like me?

GuySpeak is like ‘What Women Want’, but the other way around, and a website rather than a film… If you’re a girl and you want to learn how to get a man, you can go on GuySpeak and ask guys from different backgrounds and with different personalities (from the ‘Funny Guy’ to the ‘Mystery Man’) the questions you’ve been dying to find answers to!

GuySpeak: Does he want a relationship?

You can literally ask these guys any question, from your deepest fears about your relationship, to the awkward sex questions you would rather not ask your other half.

GuySpeak: Does he love me?

The whole concept of a mini online army of ‘agony bros’ (as opposed to agony aunts) is actually brilliant. It solves an actual problem: However trivial you may think worrying about getting guys or relationship issues is, it’s something that really could do with a place to get the answers. And that’s exactly what GuySpeak is doing.

AllMyFaves Bottom Line

We’ve been hand-picking our collection of the best websites for women recently, so you can add them to your homepage. GuySpeak is a fun website that helps girls learn how to get a guy… so what more could any woman want from a website… So get yourself onto GuySpeak, and get asking your naughty questions girls!

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