Go Kart Go Nitro: One of our Most Fun, Free Car Games!

Posted on Monday, April 23rd, 2012 by

This is Go Kart Go Nitro – one of many fun, free car games by Addicting Games and others that you can play FREE on All My Faves. It’s a really fun Mario Kart style cartoon racing game where you control the animal of your choice (I was strangely drawn to the Monkeyboy for some reason!), and then race to the finish line, collecting stars and booby prizes along the way. We’ve got tons of free car games on All My Faves, but this one definitely deserves some more hits in the rankings! One warning though… you’ll have to sit through 30 seconds of rather unpleasant advertising from Addicting Games to get to the actual Go Kart Go Nitro game (and you need Shockwave installed on your PC too). It’s definitely worth the 30 second minor annoyance however, so click here to get playing for free! 🙂


(The monkey was angry with me for being rubbish and coming last… Hopefully you’ll fare better!)

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