Tripl: How To Travel The World Through Your Friends

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

If you fancy travelling the world without actually leaving your home, Tripl is a cool way to follow your friends’ experiences and pictures while they’re travelling instead!

Be a part of your friend’s journey on Tripl

The idea of following our friends while they travel the World is something that probably secretly excites and inspires us all. Tripl aims to make it easier to do just that. It crawls your friend’s  FacebookTwitterFoursquare and Tripit posts to create an aggregrated timeline feed of their trip: their locations, pictures and comments, so you can see where, when and how they’ve been travelling.

To make things more interactive, you can add tips and comments for your friend too. And if you impulsively decide you want to join them, you can get their exact location on a map, Wikipedia background info on the destination, and even the flight fare via Kayak (well they do have to earn a buck…)!

What makes Tripl different?

I know what you guys think; why use another platform when i can just get updates from my Facebook feeds? You need Tripl because it takes all the relevant feeds from several social network and gathers them to just one, convenient, all-bells ‘n’ whistles included travel feed.

What I liked the most was the use of Foursquare: If the goal is tracking your friends’ traveling then there is no instrument more efficient then Foursquare, with its system of real time check-ins.

Tripl: Every neurotic parent’s best friend…

As a young parent I can not imagine being as cool with my kids as my mother was when I traveled the world as a twenty-something youth half way around the world all on his own… Now you just give your kid a smartphone and make him promise to check-in on his Foursquare every day( and add a picture to the check-in because your dad really is missing you!)

I don’t know about you but I just love Tripl, try it and you will too!

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