Co.EXIST: Stories about world-changing innovation

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

Co.EXIST is focused on groundbreaking innovation, the kind that is going to change the way you live and the resources you use.

The Co.EXIST team search for fresh creative solutions for environment issues and social justice.

Does the world need saving?

At one level or another we all agree that our superior/stupid race is leading itself to destruction; we are consuming more resources than we can produce, the rich are getting richer, poverty is everywhere and and the middle class – on which economies are based – is slowly getting worn down… And well, Fast Company decided to do something about it with its latest blog, Co.Exist!

Co.EXIST is here to inspire us with stories of innovation and thinking that aims to change the World around us. Its posts are all about innovations both in technology and in ways of thinking, giving us an option to do instead of just whine about the ways of the world!

Co.EXIST still believes in mankind!

On a more optimistic note, the concept that leads Co.EXIST is that Mankind still has a chance; its ingenuity is rich and can buck convention and find solutions that people haven’t thought of yet. Fast Co.Exist seems sure that rethinking beliefs about the environment, energy, technology, food, health, transportation, urbanism and poverty is something that can be done so they do their best to point you to innovations, trying by that to change the agenda and inspire conversation that will lead to change.

This kid has prospects…

Co.EXIST is the idealist child of ‘Fast Company’ so its coming from a good home. Much like all the sites that are run by ‘Fast Company’ (Co.DESIGNCo.CREATECo.LEAD and more…)  the content is amazing, so I suggest that you will check it out and start leading a more conscientious lifestyle!


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