Happiness Islands – Explore Coca Cola’s Internet Ocean

Posted on Monday, July 23rd, 2012 by

If you’re bored at work and looking for something different on the internet we may just have the site for you. Happiness Islands is Coca Cola’s new website, and well, it’s definitely different…

What is Happiness Islands?

Happiness Islands isn’t actually just one website. It’s a group of ‘sitelets’ – a collection of mini websites that just do one thing, and one thing only. Known collectively as the ‘Happiness Islands’, they reside in the ‘Internet Ocean’, and are basically just waiting for you to spend a couple of minutes of fun on each one! Here’s some screens from a couple of our fave ‘Islands’ – click on any pic to go there yourself!






Bottom Line

Happiness Islands is a fun and unique website. If you’re trying to kill time on the internet, Coca Cola’s latest online marketing effort is definitely worth a look.

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