Storenvy: Pioneering Social Commerce & Social Shopping Community

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 by

When it comes to shopping, there are two kinds of people: brand followers and bargain hunters: you either love big brands and will spend to get them, or you love a cool bargain, and will hunt through independent stores, charity shops and online until you get it. If you’re the latter, allow me to introduce you to Storenvy, a pioneer of social shopping on a huge platform for indie sellers, traders and their very unique customers.

All the indie, one market

Storenvy is a social marketplace of cool stuff from thousands of indie sellers, and you can play both sides in the social commerce game: either as a bargain hunting customer, or as a pioneering social seller. There’s both thousands of indie stores and artists (when you check the site you’ll realize why i call them that) to choose from; and it’s free and easy to create your own fully customizable and feature-rich online store to sell you own products.

Social shopping: mutually beneficial e-commerce

By having a social network of online stores, discoverable by product and category on one site, shopping becomes more accessible and social, while the stores make more sales through the natural discovery process. As a matter of fact, statistics indicate that Storenvy stores are making almost 15% of their sales through the site rather than through direct store traffic. Storenvy provides two great apps for sellers too: the possibility of linking your Storenvy store to a Facebook page;  and the management of stats, orders and more through the Store Admin Panel.

Lastly but not least important, buying in Storenvy means supporting an independent merchant somewhere in the world. Isn’t that awesome? Click here to take a look around Storenvy, a social shopping, social commerce pioneer.

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