Is Gentlemint Really A More Manly Version of Pinterest?

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012 by

Is it just us or is everyone desperate for Gentlemint to be the Pinterest for men? Tech websites everywhere are falling over themselves to push Gentlemint onto the Pinterest bandwagon – it is, after all a social bookmarking tool for men to save cool, interesting pictures and articles from around the web. But is Gentlemint really just a more manly Pinterest clone?

Why is everyone comparing Gentlemint to Pinterest?

Pinterest has rapidly built an incredibly strong following by women who enjoy collecting and sharing images of all the things they love from around the web. So naturally there’s been a big scramble by, well, everyone in the tech world to see who can fill the social bookmarking hole for men. And although its co-founders didn’t actually intend it to happen, Gentlemint is now, as a result, being proclaimed as the ‘next big thing’.

The reason why Gentlemint is getting the ‘Pinterest treatment’ is mainly because of its design: it allows its predominantly male users to take images and articles from across the web and add them to their “mint of manly stuff”, which looks like an online, male-oriented pinboard if you ask us. But a board of tiled images on the landing page is where the Pinterest similarities end.

Gentlemint: a very male-oriented time killer

Gentlemint isn’t meant to be the ‘next big thing’. It’s not meant to be a massive catch all for images from around the web. It’s a visual aggregator of specifically male-oriented content from around the web, curated by its users. Which means it’s a very simple way for men to kill some time by scrolling through a list of pictures linked to interesting articles aimed at them. Gentlemint also has a quirky personality of its own (unlike Pinterest) – including an amusing link with the American Moustache Institute.

It’s got downsides: There’s no categories to search through and tag your ‘mints’ to for example, and you can’t actually get in yet: you’ll have to join the invite waiting list (it’s still a young site run by 2 guys in their spare time, so be patient!).

So it may not be Pinterest, but really men, do you even want that? Get onto Gentlemint, and sample for yourself.

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