ThunderChunky: An Artistic Mix Of Interviews and Articles

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Think of a city you’ve been to: Paris, Rome, New york? Now think of a must see in each one of them. Doing it quickly and randomly, I would name The Louvre, the Sistine Chapel and the MOMA. Art, art and more art. Andy Warhol used to say that “An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.” In my opinion, art’s not something you need to have, but is definitely something you need to see. So on that note, let me introduce you to ThunderChunky – a website all about art and up ‘n’ coming artists… and something genuinely important to do with your day.

ThunderChunky has been around since 2003 and is defined by its publishers an a hybrid-mix of interviews and articles. But it’s not another online news magazine, it’s an online art news magazine: it gathers information about, and  interviews with, well known, talented artists to keep you updated about their latest work. From the legend of cartoon painting Steve Purcell to the ultra cool illustrator Timba Smits, Thunder Chunky posts all sorts of interesting pieces of art, and I’m not referring only to the paintings and sculptures, but also to the great quality of the texts and photographs included in the productions. All the editors of the site are digital designers, illustrators, media artists or in others terms, artists. So where else would you find proposals for every taste and style than in this website?

My personal favorites are the plush toys, a little reminder of childhood. Which one is yours?

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