NitroType – Improve your Typing | Free Real-time Racing Game

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by

Nitro Type is a free, real-time, worldwide, online racing game that helps you improve your typing. It’s pretty simple: enter a race on the site; control a car against other real people from around the World; win the race by typing the fastest: as you increase the speed of your typing, you increase the speed of your car!

It’s a novel, fun way to track your ‘words-per-minute’ rate; and you also will notice yourself improving your touch typing speed over time, as you’re forced to read the rather complicated sentences the game gives you to type out. The only downside is that it really is quite tricky at times, but then I think that may have been down to my typing skills than the game being too hard! Still, it’s definitely fun and worth a quick try if you want to know your official typing speed! Click here or on the pic below to get racing…

A screenshot taken from a NitroType Race - click it to play!

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