Quib.ly: A Community Where Parenting Meets Technology.

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Quib.ly is a members-only community that aims to help parents give their kids a head start in this connected world. It’s a place for parents to exchange experiences about raising kids in a world that is changing all the time…

Parenting and Technology can Co-Exist!

Quib.ly is a new tool for all of us parents who wish only the best for our kids and fear that this fast paced world will leave us behind. While the age-old stuff still applies (we want them to be happy, warm, safe, healthy, well-fed, inquisitive and so on), we also want our kids to stand proud and equipped when they take their first step on the career ladder. We want them to enjoy creative pursuits of which we could only dream. We want to keep them safe from risks that, as adults, we don’t always see or understand. And we want them to be surprised and impressed that we, their boring old parents, actually know about some very cool stuff.

Find your Answers…

On Quib.ly you can raise any topic in the form of a question and people from the community will answer, as best as they can, out of their own experiences. You can also follow certain questions that you find interesting or people who have insights or questions you relate to. They say that: “65% of today’s grade school kids will end up at jobs that haven’t been invented yet” (US Dept of Labor) – that’s the future for which we’re trying to prepare our kids. We want to understand the amazing lives our kids have in front of them and help support their interests and their education. We want to know about the incredible new technology and opportunities out there for them. Now with Quib.ly, we have a whole community that shares and helps us with these goals.

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