Fit Brains: Stay Sharp with A Program that will Exercise your Mind!

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Fit Brains, is an online brain fitness platform that combines a large portfolio of casual brain games, personalized tracking & recommendations, a motivational rewards system, and a variety of social features.

Stay on Top of Things…

Fit Brains offers games and training programs specifically designed to target and exercise your memory. These programs will help you perform your best as well as strengthen your brain as you age. Fit Brains offers games specifically designed to challenge and improve your ability to concentrate, which is an essential survival skill in today’s fast-paced world. Fit Brains combines fun and engaging brain games with specially designed tracking tools to help users of all ages maximize and round-out brain skills in an entertaining fashion. The games you’ll play have a strong foundation in science and offer a varied and complex workout across multiple areas of the brain.

Keeps things Interesting!

Fit Brains keeps it interesting with the Brain Points which are the foundation of the Fit Brains experience. They give Fit Brains members a simple focal point that allows the creation of clear goals. Users are also rewarded for training regularly, and encouraged to do so with a prominent daily and weekly goal bar. Though anyone can register for a free account, you get these features only if you become a ‘club member’ (for  $5.50/month…) It is important to train your brain and these games will make it fun as well. At Fit Brains, there’s something fun for anyone looking to keep their brain sharp!





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