Songdrop: Never Lose A Song you Streamed Online Again

Posted on Monday, March 11th, 2013 by

Songdrop is a way to store, play and share the music you stream online. You can create mixes with songs from all over the web and play them from one place.

A Home for your Discoveries!

Songdrop is probably the most beautiful and stunning music site I came across for a long time. With this awesome site you can make playlists with songs from YouTube, Soundcloud, Vevo, Pitchfork and blogs, so you can keep track of the songs and music videos you discover, as you discover them. After a quick registration you can install the DropIt button to your bookmarks bar, which allows you to save songs from pretty much any website. Whenever you hear a song you like while browsing the web, you can easily add it to one of your mixes. You can also hit the re-drop icon on any drop, drag the artwork of any song and drop it onto a mix or searching on the website. The whole internet is your record collection, and Songdrop is your online record player.

Enjoy other people’s Discoveries…

Songdrop will organize the songs you stream but it will also help you find new music in the process. You can follow other people and discover new music, you’ll be able to see everything they drop in your Friend’s Drop feed. Songdrop also allows you to follow artists you love. Once you do, you’ll see all of the drops from that artist whenever you visit the Artists Feed, this way if someone drops one of their songs, it will show up in your feed. If you connect with Facebook, you will auto-follow any bands/musicians you like there and start pulling their drops into the feed. Currently they don’t have many users so the song selection on the site is limited, but this is still a great music stream bookmarking service and the more users it will get, the better discovery platform it will become. Become a user and help me discover the music you like!

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