NewsWhip: Viral News on Facebook & Twitter

Posted on Monday, August 20th, 2012 by

NewsWhip publishes links to the fastest spreading stories on Facebook and Twitter. If so many people think its good, then it probably is.

What is NewsWhip?

NewsWhip is a live menu of the world’s most shared news stories. According to Paul Quigley, co-founder and CEO of NewsWhip, the site monitors thousands of publications and keeps track of how many shares and tweets each of their stories is getting. “We gather the fastest spreading stories – based on tweets and shares in the last couple of hours, The result is a guide to what’s socially hot right now in dozens of places and topics.”

How is it done?

NewsWhip’s technology tracks all the news published by about 5,000 English-language sources –about 60,000 news stories each day. It gathers social data for each story – how many shares, likes, tweets and comments it has – at repeated intervals, building a live picture of how popular it is, right now. With this information, it calculates a social speed at which each story is traveling. The process is unique, new, and patent pending.

Interesting site and a good tool!

Aside form the average user who would like to know whats viral out of curiosity, the NewsWhip team recently announced a pro product called Spike, which is aimed to be used by journalists, marketers and other trend monitors. With the value of knowledge on whats viral at the moment,  you can guess how they are going to make their $… Try NewsWhip and learn what’s hot around the web today.

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